Covid 19 Contact Tracing Check-in

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Covid 19 Contact Tracing Check-in

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Covid 19 Contact Tracing Check-in

Contact Tracing Check-In

We have now deployed our new Contact Tracing Check-in for businesses to use and included free with a My High Street membership. Our system does not require visitors to download any app's and uses a simple web site login that request a Location ID, the ID can be entered manually or the user just scans a QR code that is supplied to the business as a download and print PDF.

Visitors just need to enter their name and phone number to check in and an estimated duration they want to stay, everything is recorded securely on our system in the event of a request to Trace Contacts related to the businesses and Covid 19 cases.

Business can assign an operator login for each location to see total number of users and check in rates, setup of your check in location can be done in real time meaning you don't have to wait to have it activated as the whole process is automated along with the generation of a downloadable location PDF, you can even save the scan QR image to use on your own documents in store.

To find out more visit our Covid 19 Contact Tracing page. or call 0800 032 8185.

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Tony Wilson Friday 07th of August 2020 3:14 pm

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