Where Can I Charge My Car

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Where Can I Charge My Car

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Where Can I Charge My Car

EV Car Charging Locations Across Great Britain

You can search My High Street for nearby Car Charging Points

There has been a lot of focus on the use of Electric Vehicles and everything is moving towards limiting access to electric only vehicles in some Towns & Cities over time so we have been thinking about where these vehicles go to be recharged and highlight what facilities there are locally to do this, we have decided to add some data on Charging Points, especially for when you have an EV and are visiting shops and business in the area.

We are using open data supplied the UK Government and user submitted data to tell you what charging points are available along with Connector Type, Charge Method and Kilowatt Output so you know if it will suit your Car.

When you search for a Town or City or load a business profile you can lookup charging points for that postcode by following the links provided, we do not claim that all the data is 100 percent accurate and cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions but we do try to keep everything up to date and current.

This has been added as an additional feature to make visiting my High Street more useful and we will also we looking at new things to add and new features that can enhance our website further and always welcome any suggestions or comments on the website.

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Tony Wilson Friday 07th of February 2020 3:22 pm

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