The New Alliance, Businesses Stand Together

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The New Alliance, Businesses Stand Together

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The New Alliance, Businesses Stand Together

The New Alliance, Businesses Stand Together

We've launched some extra new features to help your business stand out and get the attention it deserves, its our new alliance to help businesses stand together and grow their customers and Public Relations with a platform that's growing daily. We've improved our manager to add content easily and we've also improved our inventory manager. We have also decided to add online shopping due to recent events as another way to help your business and we're looking at more things we can add to further support our members.

Our team has been adding pages and pages of content to benefit all members and we're attracting more visitors each and every single day and everything we're doing right now will keep that momentum going. Most of all we really do need more business to join us by signing up today.

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Click & Collect Online shopping is here

You can now add a full auto generated webshop to run alongside your profile page reaching thousands of potential customers everyday, choose to setup as Click & Collect or Home delivery in any combination, its easy to setup as you just add a selection of products to the inventory manager, add categories and then update the settings to display options such as Free Delivery, Click & Collect Locations or discount and shopping voucher codes.

Your webshop goes live with the click of a button and customers use a simple checkout that allows them to pay by PayPal or call your business to pay over the phone if you have selected telesales as one of your options. Other gateways and options can be added on requested we will also add new features to improve look and performance giving everyone a constantly updated system.

You also have the option to extend your presence by adding a full standalone ecommerce website for an additional small annual payment currently £20 per annum, this gives you a fully hosted ecommerce website with free subdomain name, your website allows customers to register and sign-in giving you many more options such as the ability to send out special offers and increase sales through a greater online presence, and best of all you only have to update the product inventory in one place.

Maybe your looking to upgrade your website or move over to a new system then My High Street has the ideal solution!

Keep checking My High Street for further updates.

Click here to see how we can help your business or setup a new online shop

Tony Wilson Saturday 24th of April 2021 2:00 pm

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