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Covid 19 Contact Tracing Check In is Here

The new Covid 19 Track & Trace Tool for Businesses is ready to use, free to all members of My High Street, this powerfully versatile tool allows your business to easily fulfill the Governments requirement to keep a record of your customer’s contact details to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Setup in Minutes

You enter a few simple settings to setup your Contact Tracing Check In Gateway and download and print an auto generated A4 PDF form to display in your business and that's all there is to it. Your customers then simply scan the QR code or enter a super simple URL and follow the instructions.

How it works

  1. Customers enter their Name and Phone Number and optional extra details
  2. We create a check-in record
  3. The customers details are stored securely for 21 days
  4. Your custom PDF contains your Business name and unique Location ID
  5. You can access simple reports that allow you to search by date and time for all your customers
  6. You can setup an operator login for each location to monitor visitors each day
  7. You can isolate dates that need to be retained for NHS Track & Trace
  8. Securely store unlimited guest check in records

Setup Your Account Now

Become a member of My High Street and setup your Contact Tracing Check In instantly, click here to register.

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