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Wee Brow Bar

About Wee Brow Bar, Prestonpans

The Wee Brow Bar in Prestonpans provides a range of services by a Professional Award Winning Elite Brow Artist, services include Tinting, Precision waxing and Mina Brow Henna. Other services include Lash Lifts, Lip, Chin, Nostril Waxing and Lash tinting. We also have Air Brush Makeup weekends!

Opening Times

  • Tuesday 10am-4pm
  • Wednseday 10am-4pm
  • Thursday  10am-8pm
  • Friday 10am-4pm
  • Saturday 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm

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Wee Brow Bar
163b High Street
East Lothian
07597 304 112


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