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Local Produce - We stock a wide range of local produce, including porridge oats and oatmeal (medium and pinhead) all milled at Hogarth's Mill situated in the centre of Kelso. Other local products include honey from Chainbridge Honey Farm, Dalgetty's Selkirk Bannocks, cheese and ice cream from Doddington Farm Blue house goat cheese from Lowick, Borderfields rapeseed oil and Curly Coo tablet.

On Thursdays we have artisan bread, baked for us at the Brown Sugar coffee shop, Jedburgh. Also on Thursdays we have homer baked cakes and traybakes from Jane Bell, Roxburgh Mill.

When available, we stock locally grown seasonal vegetables, supplied by our brother John, from his garden in Morebattle. His produce is grown without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers.

We have a large range of wholefood and eco friendly products -  beans, pulses, nuts, seeds etc, ecover cleaning products (which we can order for you in larger sizes on your request)

Zero waste - some of our products can be bought with zero waste, simply bring in your own container and we will fill, weigh and price for you! This includes -almost all of our herbs and spices, locally milled porridge and oatmeal, jumbo oats and red lentils. 

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