Cancel Culture, Goodbye Twitter

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Cancel Culture, Goodbye Twitter

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Cancel Culture, Goodbye Twitter

Saying Goodbye To Twitter

Does Twitter really mean that much to your business, everybody seems to think that if you have a business you need to embrace all social media channels or your going to miss out, but trying to keep up with every social media channel and keeping content fresh can really put you in a bind.

The true reality is your not going to miss out on anything, its better to focus on what you know best suits your business and what you can easily manage to keep updated.

Twitter has become a law to itself and very much more of a political spectrum with lots of negative viewpoints from one side or another with opposing political ideology, so as a business we really don't want or need to be in their space. In our opinion most people visiting Twitter are not looking for a business but just want to get the latest on "who's doing what" and hear from their latest favourite Celebs.

Twitter Cancel Culture is a thing

Its also worth bearing in mind that what you put on Twitter or like on Twitter can get you banned or incur a penalty for violating Twitter Rules, you just simply need to Tweet or post something they don't like no matter how mundane, this really is a new level of crazy, again another reason why we and others have left them.

Once you realise you dont need to rely on it as a social media channel for your business then its time to cancel, deactivate and delete your Twitter account, once you realise it didn't mean much having it in the first place and didn't make the difference you thought it would you can then put all your effort into what really matters to your business.

This is not just our point of view as anecdotal chat from other businesses we know are saying exactly the same thing, so that's why we say Goodbye To Twitter for good.

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Tony Wilson Thursday 14th of January 2021 6:12 pm

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