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Hospitality Contact Tracing App

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Hospitality Contact Tracing App

Hospitality Contact Tracing Web App

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My High Street offers a safe solution to get your business noticed while providing some really useful features that are vital in today's climate with having to deal with Covid-19.

The High Street is finding it really tough and with the challenge to increase footfall there are also many new legal requirements to keep people safe especially if you are in Hospitality with Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs and Bars having to collect customers' contact details. It doesn't matter if your in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales you must follow these guidelines and although there might be subtle differences the message is the same when it concerns Coronavirus.

Contact tracing is now vital for many businesses and the collection of customers contact details for hospitality is mandatory and finding a workable solution for you business is where we can help with our contact tracing check-in for NHS Test and Trace.

As a business you just want to find a simply affordable way to collect data and one way is to write down customers names and contact phone number or email, that might sound like a reasonable solution but it does rely on keeping the written notes safe & secure and remembering to securely shred everything when its no longer required.

You might not realise it but there are legal rules you must abide by when collecting, storing and deleting the personal data you’ve had to obtain and failure to comply could be costly. You cannot use data collected for the contact tracing scheme for marketing or other business purposes.

Also when your collecting the data you must not use an open access check-in book or list.

One way we can help you solve this solution is to use our free Contact Tracing Check-in that is available to all our members and comes with full unlimited support. We will securely collect and store customers contact details and automatically delete them after 21 days. As the system is digital your customers can input their details at the time of visit or you can choose to do this for them by simply having a PC, Tablet or other device at hand to input their name, phone number and email. The check in process is very fast, super simple to use and saves time and trouble leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

You can use our Contact Tracing Check-in to record staff, customers and visitors to your business.

As well as having the Contact Tracing Check-in you also benefit from having the option to list your business on My High Street and its all part of your membership.

To read more about our Contact Tracing Check-in visit our information pages at

You can also try the live Contact Tracing Check-in at and enter Keynect into the Location ID.

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Tony Wilson Saturday 21st of November 2020 1:08 pm

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