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We'll Be Together Again

Stop the great reset, shop at the Butcher the Baker, Green Grocers and Hardware store, save the High Street. Remember the times you used to have a leisurely walk around your town to your local Record store, Card shop or Café, everything you needed was there. It seems we have all been selling out to large online corporate retail when we should be supporting local, but no more, we need independent shops and a return to good traditional values and community spirit, all the things that make Britain and the British High Street Great!

Time to put some Cash in your pocket before its gone for good

While we're on the subject of High Streets lets talk about cash, we must allow cash to remain as many small businesses still prefer cash and although they are being advised not to accept it in the current climate of Covid-19 we risk moving towards a cashless society that will further complicate many independent and new businesses. There was a time when starting a business was a simple affair and cash payments were king and many local shops and takeaways we know still insist on cash. We do recommended that some businesses should have facilities to take Credit and Debit Cards but only if it suits their particular business model and only as an additional payment method as cash will always be a quick and convenient way to pay for goods and services.

Although we now offer online shopping on My High Street and a way to setup Click & Collect facilities we are doing this to level the playing field to welcome people back to buying locally or supporting a local business in other ways so local shops grow and prosper each and every day. Please play your part and shop local whenever you can!

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Tony Wilson Friday 21st of May 2021 5:00 pm

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